Electricity and Climate Change

Unless you’ve been under a rock the last decade, there’s no question you’ve heard of Climate Change (sometimes referred to as Global Warming). With so many different opinions flying around it can all be hard to follow. What these terms usually refer to is the changing of the earth’s climate that is being influenced by […]

What Cities Use The Most Electricity in Canada and US

The examination, discharged by the Surrey Electrician Company BPM Electric, found that outside of Surrey, BC eight of the best 10 urban communities for private power use were situated in the hot southern UD states: Phoenix, San Antonio, Dallas, Palm Springs, Tampa, LA, Houston and Miami, with the northern cities in Canada like, Toronto & […]

Will electricity ever end?

There is a lot of talk these days about what the future of the earth and its resources might look like. Predictions range from an end-of-days scenario to a more hopeful outlook. Energy use and resources are often a part of these conversations. What about electricity? Will we have enough of it? Can we run out […]